AGM/DIS Awards & Social

Diamonds in the Snow Awards

The “Diamonds in the Snow” Awards are put on by the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association to recognize significant contributions and dedication to snowmobiling in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan snowmobilers and clubs nominate who they believe are their “Diamonds in the Snow” under the following seven (7) categories.

  • Outstanding Snowmobile Dealer of the Year
  • Outstanding Snowmobile Club of the Year
  • Outstanding Snowmobile Family of the Year
  • Outstanding Volunteer Snowmobiler of the Year
  • Outstanding Junior Achiever of the Year
  • Outstanding Business Contribution to Snowmobiling of the Year
  • Outstanding Volunteer Groomer Operator(s) of the Year
Nomination Form

Please email all submissions to: or you can mail them to: Box 533 Regina Beach, SK S0G 4C0. Please answer the questions for the appropriate category. Do not hesitate to use additional sheets to complete your submission. You may attach any documentation you feel might help provide a better evaluation of the nominee i.e. photos, videos, testimonials, magazine/newspaper articles, etc.
Nomination Form

The Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association and its Board of Directors may nominate in category six only. Judges may not nominate in any categories. The award recipients will be announced in June 2019 at the “Diamonds in the Snow” Awards social held in Saskatoon at the Saskatoon Inn – on Saturday June 22, 2019 following the AGM.x


Volunteer Appreciation Social

Without the hard work of all our volunteers, snowmobiling wouldn’t be what it is today. We want to show our gratitude by inviting all of our volunteers to an appreciation lunch from 12:30-1:30pm, followed by the DIS Awards.


Coming Soon.


DIS Award Winners

Outstanding Dealer of the Year

Universe Satellite Sales Arctic Cat
Presented by Paul Ficken // Accepted by Stan Langley


Outstanding Club of the Year

Pasquia Snow Goers Club Inc
Presented by Kim Bisschop // Accepted by Curtis Parfitt


Outstanding Family of the Year

Jerry & Tamara Holowatuik
Presented by John Popoff // Accepted by Kathey Mooney


Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

Terry Seib
Presented by Cindy Gottlob // Accepted by Terry Seib


Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

Troy Foster
Presented by Kim Bisschop // Accepted by Troy Foster


Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

Ray Siurko
Presented by Cindy Gottlob // Accepted by Chris Brewer


Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

Pat Panter
Presented by Kim Bisschop // Accepted by Clint Panter


Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

Les Sandsbraaten
Presented by Cindy Gottlob // Accepted by Les Sandsbraaten


Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

Kelly Price
Presented by Kim Bisschop // Accepted by Kelly Price


Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

Gerry Dolezsar
Presented by Cindy Gottlob // Accepted by Gerry Dolezsar


Volunteer Snowmobile of the Year

Gary Fedorvich

Presented by Dean Kuypers // Accepted by Jazelle Daly


In Memory of Gary Fedorvich

Plaque donated by the Goodsoil Ridge Riders


Outstanding Business Contribution to Snowmobiling

Yorkton Distributors
Presented by Bart Hartl // Accepted by Art Bilous


Outstanding Contribution to Snowmobiling in Saskatchewan

Kelvington Jr Trailblazers
Presented by Rick Dolezsar // Accepted by Kelvington Jr Trailblazers

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CCSO Winners

Dealer of the Year

Schrader’s Honda Yamaha Suzuki
Presented by Chris Brewer // Accepted by Barry Bradshaw


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